About us

The "mass society" we inhabit today makes us long for individuality and distinctiveness more than ever before. Contrast shows how individuality, emotions and characters can be looked at from different perspectives and angles. The uniqueness and individuality of the designs as much as the name Contrast in itself, imply being not only different but also original and genuine. The mannequin fulfils a clear purpose; it may stand in a shop window or be used as a dress form, etc. it has no identity of its own, but receives its identity from its purpose. A human body with no head, no face, no smile- it only exists to imitate a "real" human. Our mannequin is placed all over different cities, in public places where people pass by, thus imitating a person and obtaining an identity by its clothes as well as its surrounding.

Contrast was established during the winter of 2003/04 by a group of young international artists in London, who share a desire for individuality and the wish for the affordable dispersion of their work. The themes of the designs are always centred on people, their environment, symbols and emotions, as well as a mixture of individual characters. Contrasts distinctive style combined with the designers wish to represent a visual, colourful, and lively contrast, create the brands unique and unmistakable character.

For further questions and suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us at info@theemperorsnewtee.com


For wholesale and distribution enquiries or to stock Contrast in your store please contac: info@contrast-wear.com